House Information

Welcome to Diamond Place!!

We are happy to have you and hope that you have a very pleasant stay with us.

There are some things you need to know to help you have a very good time, which I will set out here!


The parking on the property on the corner of Lambert and Dickinson is open for guests.


Checking in is from 2 pm daily.  Checking out is at 10 am.  If you are planning on checking in early or checking out late please let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate you.

You will be assisted either by Desiree, Magda or Norbert to check in.

Our phone numbers are:

078 421 0933 Desiree

082 4744 811 Magda

082 9233 600 Norbert

Let us know when you have arrived and we will let you in and show you where to park.

All accommodation is payable before checking into Diamond Place.

It is recommended that you do an EFT before arrival and please send the proof of payment to or 0784210933.

We also have credit card facilities available if you would like to pay by credit card. We accept MasterCard Credit Cards and Visa Credit Cards.

The banking details will be sent to you by e-mail at the time of booking and a 50% deposit is required within 24 hours after booking.

You can also pay in cash.

You will receive an invoice and receipt for the money given.

Please remember that your accommodation has to be settled in full before you check in.

If you are staying more than two days we will also ask you to pay a key deposit and/or a breakage deposit depending on your length of stay.  This deposit is fully refundable upon inspection of the property after you leave.


We have a housekeeper that comes in daily to service the property.  Her name is Maria and she is one of the nicest ladies you will meet.  She will wash the dishes, make the beds and tidy up.  If you need her to do washing please arrange with her directly and pay her directly.  Her rate is usually R50 for washing.


There are a few different keys to the house.

Main House Keys:

The one set (with the little wire giraffe) is the set that you use to get in and out of the property and to unlock the patio door.  Please use this set.  Other keys that are available in the house are – patio door key (hanging inside on a green lanyard, please put the key back onto the lanyard after opening the door so that this key doesn’t fall out and get lost).  Trelli door gate keys for main bedroom and lounge.  Please leave this inside the house and do not remove them from the property.  Bathroom key of guest bathroom.  Please leave this key inside the door and do not remove it.  Guest bedroom door.  Please leave this key and the main bedroom door key inside the property and do not remove it.  If you want to lock your door (our staff is trustworthy so you won’t need to), then please put the key on the main set with the giraffe so that they all stay together.


The property is fully walled with high walls and are completely secure.  Please keep the outside door locked at all times to increase security and do not leave the gate to the property open, but please close it once you park your car.  Port Alfred is a safe town, but we still do live in South Africa so it is good to be vigilant and secure at all times.  We do sometimes have petty theft in Port Alfred, so locking the doors help avoid a situation that is unpleasant.


We have beams around the property for excellent security. You will be shown how to activate the beams upon arrival.


The WiFi code will be provided to you upon check in.  You can connect to either PrimeThought or PrimeThought_Ext.  When you are in the main bedroom, the PrimeThought connection is faster.  When you are in the lounge or outside patio or cottage, the PrimeThought-Ext network is faster.  If the network is slow you can reset the router in the lounge by clicking the power off and on (the power button is on the back of the router).


We are completely dog friendly and you are welcome to bring your dogs. 

Please let us know in advance if you are bringing dogs so that we can approve it before the booking is made.


For the main house:

To use the TV there are two remotes.  One remote is for the DVD Player and TV (the same remote services both).  The other is for DSTV.

To turn on the TV you first make sure that the remote will connect to the TV.  So you first click the button underneath the red power button that says BD RECEIVER/TV.  If this button is green, it will control the television.  If this button is orange it will control the DVD player.  To get it to flip between green and orange just press the button and it will change colour.

So to turn on the TV, make sure the button is set to green, then when you press the power button the TV will turn on.

To turn on the DVD player (the DSTV runs through that) you press that same button again and it will turn orange.  Then when you press the power button the DVD player will go on.  The DSTV channels should show right away.

If it doesn’t you can set the FUNCTION TV SOURCE BUTTON on the DVD player to be HDMI 1 – That will show on the display on the DVD player.  Then DSTV will turn on.

If you have any problems with these instructions let us know and we can help you sort it out.

To turn off the TV and DVD you simply make sure the button is on Green (TV) and press power and Orange (DVD) and press power.  Then they will both turn off.

The Function button described above will take you through additional menus.  For instance DD/DVD will allow you to play DVDs or movies from memory sticks.  When you are on that screen you can decide what you would like to see by clicking on the red A button.  That will change the device to whatever you have inserted into the DVD player.


The water in Port Alfred is not drinkable.  We have one filtered tap in the main kitchen linked up to the rain water tank outside.  When staying in the cottage remember to fill up from this tap before going through to the cottage at night.  Only drink from this one tap in the house.

For the cottage you can get water from the water tank which is accessible directly outside the cottage.


For the main house we have an extra canister of gas in the back kitchen area in case you run out while you are doing a braai.  If you can’t find one, please let one of us know.


We have electric blankets for every bed and a number of heaters.  Please turn off all heaters fully before going to bed and it is recommended to warm up your bed with the electric blanket but not to sleep with it on, in case of electrical shorts.  Remember to turn off all electrical appliances like heaters before going to bed including the gas heater.


We have a very cute play house for children.  There are even toys for your child’s use!   And books for your child to read in case of older children.  Your child might want to keep some toys that they play with and that is totally fine.  All that we ask is that you replace these with other toys of a similar value so you can pay it forward for other children of future guests as well!


When you check out you can give the keys to one of us including our housekeeping lady and we will let you out the gate.

Don’t forget to give us a review and we hope to see you again soon!

Much love

Desiree Diamond

078 421 0933

The Diamond Place Guesthouse